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Civil Match
Matchmaking for civil societies
Goethe-Institut Ukraine planned to gather civil society representatives from Eastern Partnership countries, Germany, France, Poland and Russia in Berlin and Kyiv to form consortiums in media, education, culture and conflict resolution.
COVID-19 brought the key challenge: how to shift the project online, make it easy and engaging for the participants?
Our Challenge
To engage and match civil society organisations from Eastern Partnership countries, Germany, France, Poland and Russia
To create an easy to use and effective scenario for online matching
To create data-driven methodology and long-term impact of the online matching
To create ambassador community in target countries, promote the German Federal Foreign Office grants to new organizations
Prepared in two months
Concept & Custom Methodology
Marketing & Communications
Tech Flow
Katharina Görig
Eastern Partnership Project Officer, Goethe-Institut Ukraine
We believe in real people contacts, but I think that more than 1000 people on Civil Match could see that networking and collaborating online works
1100+ participants online
from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, France, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine
3 days
of dynamic networking, speed matching, communication in interactive country booth, panels on education, culture, conflict resolution and media
organizations from 10 countries
pre-matched organizations
500 000
outreach in traditional and social media
Due to project's good feedback, it will be continued in 2021

Hi, I'm Civil Match Lead Anastasia Sleptsova
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